Czech geographical society

Scope of the Journal


One of the oldest scientific journals in Czechia, which has been published since 1895.

The editorial office only accepts original articles with a geographic focus and articles from related fields overlapping into geography for the peer review. When submitting an article to the editorial office, the author pledges that the article presents the results of their own unpublished scientific research and is not simultaneously submitted for publication (sent to the peer review) to a different journal. Additionally, the author agrees not to offer them (send to the peer review) to a different journal throughout the duration of the peer review.

The editorial office accepts the manuscripts in English or Czech and Slovak (if at least one of the authors is not Czech).

All contributions are peer-reviewed anonymously. The author is informed about the result of the peer review by a letter from the Executive Editor.

Geografie is published by the Czech Geographic Society (ČGS, a.s.) four times a year (end of March, end of June, end of September, end of December). Journal Geography is granted by Academy of Science. The number of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic is MK ČR E 4241.

ISSN 1212-0014

Starting with the Issue 113/1 (2008), Geografie has been ranked as one of the journals watched at the Web of Science, specifically in the database of the Social Science Citation Index, Journal Citation Reports / Social Science Edition. Since 2009, Geografie has been a journal with the impact factor.

Impact Factor
0.745 (2017)
0.723 (5 year)

Geografie is also indexed in the Scopus database.

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